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Are you having a boy or a girl?

When I was pregnant, my husband and I were dying to find out the gender of our baby. We knew that there were new ways to find out the baby’s gender earlier than usual. So did we end up doing the gender DNA testing at 9 weeks or get the 3D/4D ultrasound at 14 weeks? Nope! We decided to wait until our anatomy scan ultrasound at 20 weeks.

In the meantime, I had people left and right telling me what I’m having based on this and that… it turns out everyone is an expert when it comes to predicting the gender of babies! It was all fun though and we ended up trying out some baby prediction methods before our 20-week ultrasound to see what the results were!

These are some of the ways we were told to predict the baby’s gender. (By the way, these are all in fun and not to be taken too seriously! Remember, all gender tests have a 50/50 chance of being correct.)

How to predict the gender of your baby

Chinese Gender Predictor Calendar

Chinese-Gender-Chart-2017The Chinese Gender Predictor determines your baby’s sex based on the Chinese Gender Chart and Chinese Lunar Calendar. It uses your lunar month and date of conception and your lunar age at the time of pregnancy.

There are a lot of Chinese Gender predictor calendar images out there, they may be incorrect because the calendar changes every year! So make sure you are using the correct calendar year. I recommend going to this Chinese Gender Chart website or BabyCenter’s Chinese Gender Predictor page.

Ring Gender Test / Pendulum Test

This is a very popular gender test and there are many different versions. The ring gender test involves dangling a ring over your palm or belly. If you hold the ring over your belly, you should be lying down. The ring should be hanging on a strand of your hair, string, or floss. You should hold your hand with the string and ring very still without any outside interference, and wait for it to move. If it swings back and forth (or side to side), you are having a boy. If the ring swings in a circle, it’s a girl!

There is another version of the ring test that is supposed to tell you the number of children you will have along with the gender. For this method you:

  1. Have your hand palm down on a table with your ring hanging on a thread of your hair/ string/ floss in your other hand
  2. Place the ring laying on top of your hand that is on the table
  3. Lift the ring and have the ring circle the outside of your hand back and forth
  4. Return the ring to the top of your hand and hold your hand very still
  5. If it swings back and forth it is a boy, if it moves in a circular motion it is a girl
  6. Repeat steps 2-5, this will vary depending on the predicted number of children you will have
  7. The ring will stop moving when there are no more children

It is fun to try this on people who have many children already to see if it predicted gender and number of children correctly.

Some say this method predicts miscarriages as well.

Ramzi Gender Prediction Theory

ramzi-gender-predictionThe Ramzi method was created based on research conducted by Dr. Saad Ramzi Ismaal. Based on his research he found that 97.2% of male fetuses had a placenta attached to the right side of the uterus, while 97.5% of female fetuses were attached to the left side. It should be done at your first ultrasound at around 6 weeks.

  • For your first ultrasound ask your ultrasound technician or OBGYN what side the placenta is on
  • Remember, sometimes the ultrasound is the mirror image, so what seems to be on the left may actually be on the right (remember, ask your specialist!)
  • The view must be in transverse view (not sagittal view) to accurately predict the gender of your baby
  • If the placenta is on the right side of the uterus, it’s a boy! If the placenta is attached to the left side, it’s a girl!

For more information check out The Ramzi Theory Explained

Cabbage Gender Test


  1. Buy a red cabbage (the size of the cabbage is not important) and chop it into large pieces
  2. Place the pieces of cabbage into a pan of boiling water and allow it to boil for ten minutes.
  3. Take the pan off the heat and drain the water into a cup or container
  4. Urinate in a clean cup
  5. Combine an equal amount of your urine with an equal amount of the water from the cabbage
  6. If the urine/cabbage water mixture turns pink or red then you’re having a boy! If the mixture turns purple, it’s a girl!

Baking Soda Gender Test

  1. Put some baking soda in a clean cup, and urinate in another clean cup. There should be about an equal amount of both in each cup
  2. Pour your pee into the cup with baking soda
  3. If the mix fizzles, you’re having a boy. If it does not fizzle or has very little fizzling, it’s a girl!

Drano Gender Test

For the Drano gender test you need a glass cup and two tablespoons of blue crystal Drano. Then:

  1. Add your urine to the class of blue crystal Drano
  2. If the mix turns brown right away, it’s a boy! If there is no color change or darkening after 15 seconds, it’s a girl!

Gender Kits

gender-prediction-testYou can also buy a gender kit online. I bought this Gender Prediction Kit on Amazon for fun.

To be honest the Gender Prediction Kit was very cheaply made. It was supposed to turn blue if it is a boy and green if it was a girl. Mine was blue-green! But I wonder if that meant that I was having a boy because I saw other women’s results and theirs were clearly green. I wish customers would follow up and let us know if they ended up having a girl or boy.

Mother’s Appearance

It is often said that baby girls steal their mother’s beauty and as a result of this will be beautiful themselves! I guess that’s a sacrifice we mothers can make for our daughters, right? Here are some ways the mother’s appearance can predict the baby’s gender:

  • Acne: If your skin stays clear it’s a boy, if acne is more prevalent it’s a girl
  • Overall beauty: All pregnant women are beautiful! But if you feel prettier or if others tell you that you are “glowing” and look better than before then you are having a boy. If you are not looking so great… (I am sorry about that and you’ll get it back mama).. and you are having a girl!

The Belly

  • Belly shape: if the belly is basketball shaped and is all out to the front you are having a boy, if the belly expands to the sides and towards the hips like a watermelon you are carrying a girl
  • Carrying position: if the baby is positioned low or in front you’re having a boy, if it is high or wide in the middle you’re having a girl

Other Baby Gender Predictors

  • Leg hair: if your leg hair is growing faster, you’re carrying a boy
  • Linea nigra: this is the dark line that runs up from the pubic bone to the navel during pregnancy. If the line goes past the navel and up to the rib cage you’re having a boy, if the line stops at the belly button you’re having a girl
  • Craving: if you’re craving salty foods you’re having a boy, sweet cravings means you’re having a girl

Not enough gender tests? Here are 101 Gender Predictors, knock yourself out!

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