Where To Donate Diapers

Where to donate diapers

I was fortunate enough to receive a wide variety of diapers from loved ones at our baby showers. Now we have extra diapers that we aren’t going to use because our baby is growing so fast! And I certainly did not want to throw any diapers away! So what did I do? I searched for a local family shelter and asked if they took donated diapers, and they did! Not only did they take diapers in their original packaging, they took our unused loose diapers as well.

Here is more information on where you could donate diapers:

Women’s Shelters / Family Shelters / Homeless Shelters

Women’s shelters offer temporary protection and support for women escaping domestic violence. Homeless shelters provide temporary residence for homeless individuals and families. These shelters serve the community by offering safety and protection while offering resources to help these individuals and families create a new life. Find your local shelter and see if they will take your donated diapers, they will generally take unopened and unused opened diaper packages.

Daycare Centers

Daycare centers or child care centers have trained daycare professionals watch babies and children throughout the day. Call your local daycare center to see if they accept unopened and or opened donated diapers.

Social Service Agencies

Social services are public services provided by the government, private, and non-profit organizations. These agencies offer assistance to families and could put donated diapers to good use. Call your local government or website for more information.


Most hospitals will gladly accept donated diapers. Many however will only accept unopened packages.

Help a Mother Out

Help a Mother Out works to improve baby and family well being by increasing access to diapers for families in need. This is a California organization that accepts diapers in their original packaging. For more information, visit helpamotherout.org!

Do you know of any other active organization that accepts donated diapers? Comment below and let me know!

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